Amy: You Don’t Have the Time

When she was alive, Amy Winehouse was a polarizing figure. The new documentary “Amy”, explores her controversial life. From her humble beginnings to her cataclysmic spiral into drug abuse and alcoholism. Don’t bother seeing this one in theaters. Save yourself the eight dollars and wait for it to hit Netflix.

I thought the film did a good job of illustrating her “descent into madness”. The home videos were fantastic. They exposed us to Amy Winehouse the person and the artist.

The behind the scenes footage and studio time with Amy was incredible. It didn’t occur to me that Amy Winehouse was actually quite talented. For me, her talent got lost in the sea of controversy that surrounded her. It’s easy to forget that there was a time when people could write and sing. I know, It sounds ridiculous. Many popular artists today are propped up by a hundred different writers and musicians. It was refreshing to see someone different.

The interviews that Asif Kapadia lined up were interesting but seemed a bit shallow. Getting Mos Def and Questlove to talk about Amy just didn’t feel right. They didn’t have any great revelations or insights about her. A lot of the interviews were extraneous and should have been left as “extras”. It was a lot of repetition, “she was out of control”, “we wanted to get her help” etc.

Kapadia did a fantastic job with Senna and I was a bit disappointed with this film. If you haven’t seen Senna I believe it’s still on Netflix and it’s a must-see. I just don’t feel the same way about, “Amy”.

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