Fantasy Football Week 10 Recap

But what happened to Week 9’s recap? I was basically behind a week somehow so I’ve decided to catch myself up. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week; there was a big trade that went through that most of you disagreed with. Thankfully I’m here to educate you knuckleheads and I am a patient and merciful blogger. Before that happens I’d like to discuss:

The Choke of the Week!

photo cred. Ohad Cadji
photo cred. Ohad Cadji

This weeks choke award goes to the one and only YHWH. We all knew that one day your reign of mediocrity would end. The entire season I’ve been squawking about how your team is overrated and how it lacks depth and it took a while, but I was finally vindicated. This week you managed to score just 82.45% percent of your possible points. Similar to last week you just couldn’t keep pace with the rest of us. In a week where THREE teams managed to score 100% of their possible points I’d say that your lowly 82 is pedestrian. YHWH; Welcome to Dumpsville!

Dishonorable Mention: This dipshit managed to find himself in the dishonorable mention list for what feels like the millionth time in a row. “RO” I’m done berating you in the misguided hopes that you’ll shape up. This is your fantasy football intervention. I’m just thankful that with your performance you didn’t manage to win otherwise I might have had an aneurism.

I also wanted to take a minute to discuss something that apparently only two of us understand; trades. I made a trade last week with the owner of team “XOXO”. I was in desperate need of some depth in the RB position, I had planned on starting Antone Smith for Christ’s sake. Team “XOXO” was in need of a QB and a defense (of which I was in good supply). After some lengthy negotiating we agreed that I would trade Peyton Manning and the Seattle D for RB Jeremy Hill, WR Torrey Smith and QB Matt Ryan. (see image below):


So what can we as a community using a statistical approach say about such a trade? I had two defenses before I traded XOXO Seattle, I had planned on starting the Bills against KC anyways so Seattle would have been on my bench (the Bills D outscored Seattle anyways). Peyton is a bit stickier, last week he had the best fantasy week of the season (typical) and dropped 29.6 points. Antone Smith (the player I had planned on starting had it not been for the trade) scored .3 last week and I would have started Allen Hurns in the Flex position. Let’s do some addition:

29.6 +.3 + .9 = 30.5 – so I would have scored 85.1.

For those of you following along at home:

85.1 \textless 87.9 (my score this week).

So what can we say? I would say that this week that trade was good for me. In fact, any week when I would have scored more points even if it’s .1 makes this a “good” trade (for me). Using this same methodology how about we analyze some other trades that were made earlier in the season. The first trade of the season was when team “Dani” traded team “SCHN” Jason Witten for Ahmad Bradshaw. Considering that team SCHN eventually dropped Witten I think it’s safe to say that team Dani “won” this trade. For those interested here is the comparison:

Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) 115.4 12.8
Jason Witten (TE) 61.1 6.1


I’ll follow this up at the end of the season as well. Let’s examine another trade. “.Y.” traded “SCHN” Calvin Johnson and Shane Vereen for Jordy Nelson and Darren Sproles. Because this is a multi-player trade this is a bit trickier.

Shane Vereen (RB) 79.6 8.8
Darren Sproles (RB) 83.3 9.3
Calvin Johnson (WR) 64.1 7.1
Jordy Nelson (WR) 136.9 15.2

79.6 + 64.1 = 143.7

83.3 + 136.9 = 220.2

220.2 \textgreater 143.7

Unfortunately for SCHN Calvin Johnson got injured playing the Bills in week five, regardless I would say that .Y. “won” this trade as well. Last week I predicted that .Y. would be at the top of the rankings and despite his pessimism I believe there is a good chance that either him or “HELL” will be this years victor. As predicted after his disastrous loss against team “HELL”, “YHWH” has fallen way down on the rankings list. My team has also fallen down the rankings after this past weeks loss to “.Y.”. The lowest standard deviation this week went to team CHAR who managed to score 99% of his points. Still lagging behind is team DANI whose butthurt was evident after he voted against me in the latest GBFFL poll (don’t think I didn’t see that shit).

AVG A/M(%)

This week the average actual/maximum was an astounding 95.00 which is ~5.93% higher than last weeks 89.07. I attribute this increase due largely to the fact that there were a lot of teams on the bye this week. This was the best week our league has had as far as earning the most possible points. It can’t really get much better than this week, I am bearish on next weeks prospects.

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