Fantasy Football Week Eight Recap

This week was an interesting week in the GBFFL. Some favorites were taken down a peg and there were some real big shake ups in my team rankings. Once again “XOXO” managed to score 100% this time he did it because the majority of his bench was on a bye (except Josh Gordon). For the first time we saw a team with a solid zero for their standard deviation (largely on account of the bye week nightmare).

The Choke of the Week!

Playing fantasy is hard when you’re ridiculously good looking #sexysexy

It had to happen to someone; and unfortunately that someone was none other than team “HELL”. What was the most embarrassing part of losing this week? (choose all that apply):

  • Was it that you lost to the weakest team in the division?
  • Was it that the owner has largely given up on fantasy football and has moved on to fantasy hockey as evident by his abrupt team logo change?
  • Was it that your cross-borough rival finally bested you to prove once and for all that Brooklyn>Queens?

Maybe it’s time to move back to French-Canada; I hear they have something called the “CFL” where all of the washed up former NFL players play. I hear Ochocinco is available this week in most leagues. This week you managed to score just 76% of your total points. At first glance it may not seem like you did that badly, the problem is that the rest of the league is getting better and you are getting worse. I mean shit, even perennial dipshit “RO” scored more points than you this week (in both percentage and actual points). You would have lost to every team this week except “TOKE”, “DANI” and your arch-rival “SCHN”. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. How could you have known that San Diego didn’t have any plans to show up against Miami or that the 49ers Defense would magically decide to show up against St. Louis. Decisions had to be made and unfortunately for you, you made the wrong ones.

Dishonorable Mention: Team “RO” you’ve managed to find yourself on the lifezugzwang equivalent of the “Hate list” once again. Imagine I said everything above to but with your name in place of team “HELL”. I’m going to take the lazy route (something you know all too well) and just say “try harder next time”.

This week there was yet another shake up at the top, due to the top two teams losing this week. We find that XOXO and surprisingly .Y. have occupied the top two spots. I still don’t believe in team “YHWH” and am skeptical that they can keep up this low point scoring charade for much longer. As I mentioned at the top the lowest standard deviation went to team XOXO with ZERO. After the first two teams there is not much separation between the next seven teams. I expect there is going to be a lot of moving and shaking next week. Lagging far behind are teams DANI and TOKE.

AVG A/M(%)

This week the average actual/maximum was an astounding 89.07 which is ~.11% higher than last weeks 88.96. This was the best week our league has had as far as earning the most possible points. I would bet that this is going to be on the books as the best week for us; it’s all down hill from here.

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