Fantasy Football Week Five Recap

Another week has gone by and it’s time we take a look at some of the numbers. I think I’m going to be posting a new award called, “The choke of the week”. Without further ado here is:

The Choke of the Week!

Not enough bong water this week?
Not even Nostradamus could have predicted this sort of disaster.

This weeks massive choke goes to team “DANI” who managed to score only 68.89% of the total points this week. My favorite part of team DANI is his QB situation, which he’s managed to choose correctly ONCE, in week ONE! He chooses between Tom Brady and Eli Manning and each one he picks is wrong! Take last week for example, when he started Eli Manning only to have Tom Brady drop 30 points on his bench; he would have won if he had chosen Brady over Manning (and there were other weeks where a similar thing occurred). This season he has started Tom Brady four times, and Eli Manning twice and has been right ONCE.

Dishonorable mention: Only slightly better was team “CHAR” who managed to score only 69.51% of his total points this week. Also I have your pillow, it would be a terrible shame if something were to happen to it; perhaps you should consider my trade offers more carefully. Your season is basically over anyhow, plus it would make me happy.

Now for the part that two of you have been waiting for, as is usually the case I have arranged the teams by my personal ranking system. You’ll notice that last week I held team “DANI” in too high esteem and actually ranked him second overall based on my metrics. For the second week in a row I’ve ranked team “HELL” number one overall. The lowest standard deviation went to team “HF” who had a poor showing and only scored 84.65% of his total points. The player with the highest standard deviation was team “CHAR” who scored only 69.51% of his total points. I’m still towards the bottom of the average actual/maximum points on account of my abysmal week last week, but I am showing signs of improvement and am now only the third worst manager in the league.

AVG A/M(%)

Last week the average actual/maximum was 82.61 which is ~1.8% less than this weeks 84.46. I’ve decided to include a graph this time which displays the weekly average actual/maximum. Next week I’m going to find a new graph plugin but for now this will have to be sufficient:

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