Fantasy Football Week Four Recap

It is with sadness that I announce that I have lost another game which brings me to 3-2. To put it frankly, I dropped the ball this week. My team only put up ONE more point than my bench. I did the analysis, read the blogs, listened to the pod-casts and received the mediocre fantasy advice and I still lost. I think frankly it was one of the fluke weeks, but really I have nobody to blame but myself. I made all the wrong decisions and I accept the responsibility for the consequences. In an attempt to figure out where I went wrong I’ve decided to analyze my mistakes for you the viewing audience:

  • I benched Steven Ridley, who up until last week had averaged SEVEN points.
    • Instead I chose to start Alfred Morris who did NOTHING against Seattle.
  • I made the correct decision by starting Khiry Robinson.
  • I benched BOTH Mohamed Sanu, who had averaged 10.5 points up until this point AND Terrance Williams who had also averaged 10.5 points.
    • Instead I started Sammy Watkins who although wasn’t awful didn’t do much.
    • The real disaster was starting Eddie Royal who was useless.
  • Guess who benched Greg Olsen? This guy!
    • Instead I started Delanie Walker.
  • And finally the piece de resistance was starting that ASSHAT Keenan Allen in my flex position…when almost ANYONE on my bench would have given me the win. I can’t quite understand why I decided to play him in place of any of my other wide receivers who I actually ranked higher in my own analysis. It was probably that mediocre fantasy advice I received from that asshat Matthew Berry.

That’s enough bitterness for the time being. Thanks to my poor performance last week I am now the worst fantasy manager in the league based on my statistics.

The lowest standard deviation went to team “RO” who actually scored the second best with 95.07%. The player with the highest standard deviation was “HELL” with 38.17. He reached his lineup nirvana and managed to score 96.55% which is quite good considering his high standard deviation.

AVG A/M(%)

Last week the average actual/maximum was 85.82 which is ~3% more than this weeks 82.61. Using my metrics the owner of “DANI” has managed to catapult him into second place after a solid week. On the bottom of the table you’ll notice that “.Y.” and “RO” still occupy the bottom spots. Please note the name change from “VAG” to “TOKE” which I believe exemplifies this owners personality better anyhow.

Try not to drink too much bong water this week gents; signing off your fearless statistician “RED”.



  2 comments for “Fantasy Football Week Four Recap

  1. Schnorrer
    October 9, 2014 at 10:41 am

    I still don’t understand what the Standard deviation is measuring. standard deviation of what from what?

    • Josh
      October 9, 2014 at 10:52 am

      The standard deviation measures your maximum vs your actual vs your minimum scores.

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