Fantasy Football Week Six Recap

It is with great sadness that I report that I am now the worst fantasy owner in my league. My play has been abysmal and uninspiring. It should come as no surprise that I lost last week based on my choices. I do apologize for the late posting of this recap, I’ve been quite busy dealing with some personal issues and overcoming my depression about this past week.

The Choke of the Week!

This haircut is now the second worst decision of my life.

This weeks massive choke goes to team “RED” who managed to score only 66.23% of his total points. My bench is a magical place where everyone has their best game. Take Sammy Watkins for example, who managed to put up 24.2 fantasy points. My team has major problems in the WR department and it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I am now the proud possessor of three out of four San Diego Wide Receivers and have a total of SIX wide receivers on my team. This creates a unique problem because of the six wide receivers I have at any given moment one of them will probably go off on my bench. I’d love to sit here and say that I had a higher than normal standard deviation but it was only 21.73 which isn’t really all that high in comparison to most of the other teams in the league this week.

Dishonorable mention: Most teams did considerably better than I did but the next worse team was team “DIRT” who managed to score 74.50% of total points.

Moving right along we get to the part that a couple of you have been clamoring for. Once again teams “HELL”, “SCHN” and “YHWH” are in the top three spots of my rankings. The lowest standard deviation went to team, “.Y.” who scored a solid 89.07% of his total points. The player with the highest standard deviation was team, “SCHN” who put up an amazing performance and scored 92.36% of his total points. Unfortunately he was edged out by some fractional scoring nuance that allowed him to lose by seven-tenth’s (.7) of a point.

AVG A/M(%)

This week the average actual/maximum was 83.19 which is ~1.27% lower than last weeks 84.46. I had trouble finding a good graph plugin, if anyone knows of a good free wordpress graph/chart plugins please let me know.

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