Fantasy Football Week Three Recap

Greetings and salutations fantasy football nerds. I managed to win this week which brings me to 3-1 despite the fact that I didn’t start a defense and had most of my team on a bye week. Thankfully guys like Eddie Royal and Terrence Williams came through for me in big ways. It was extra sweet to win this week on account of the fact that my opponent had been undefeated up until this point. This week I’ve decided that in an effort to save time (and because it’s becoming more cumbersome) that I would not be doing the player rankings. I still perform them for myself but I will not be posting them here. I apologize if you were coming to this blog and expecting to see the rankings and are now disappointed. I anticipate that all four of my fans at home will be writing me nasty emails and comments full of vitriol.

This week as a league we did a much better job of correctly choosing our lineups. I attribute this to the fact that most of us had players on the bye week which helps to narrow down the options when choosing your lineup. I mentioned earlier that I managed to win my game against my opponent who actually had the second highest A/M(%). It’s amusing to think that if he hadn’t started a defense (which was my choice this week) he would have won because the Panthers defense put up -8 critical points.

This week the team with the lowest standard deviation was “CHAR” who actually chose well and managed to earn 90.92% of his total points. He also had the lowest standard deviation of any week with 6.25. The player with the highest standard deviation was “DANI” who only managed to score 66.78% of his total points. The initial order of the table below reflects my rankings of each team starting with “SCHN” at the top and “VAG” on the bottom.

AVG A/M(%)

As I mentioned last week the average actual/maximum did in fact change from 78.34 to 85.82 which was more than the predicted 2% increase that I had mentioned. The usual suspects once again fell below the mean in the average actual/maximum statistic, joining them for the first time was “DIRT”, “VAG” and “DANI”.

That’s all for now kiddies, let me know what you think of the new format. Next week I hope to include some graphs and whatnot, but we’ll see how ambitious I’m feeling.

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