Fantasy Football Week Two Recap

Greetings everyone, I lost my first game this past weekend and I’d like to give a shout-out to the following players:

  1. Philip Rivers – I was at this game, and I saw Philip Rivers pick apart my team and he could only manage to target Keenan Allen TWICE? What a dick.
  2. Sammy Watkins – I was in the team store at the game and I was hoping to get my hands on one of his jersey’s, thank god I didn’t with the eight targets and TWO receptions he had for a whopping 19 yards earning me 1.9 fantasy points. Thanks brah.
  3. Andrew Luck – Did you have to drop 370 yards and FOUR touchdowns on Jacksonville? Was it necessary?

This week I’ve decided to remove the standard deviation I used last week. The differences were just too minimal for the work that the deviation required. I have added another statistic I’m calling “AVG A/M”, which is the average score of each owners actual score/maximum score.

Starting this week, I will also be pointing out when I was right/wrong about my weekly predictions. I’m calling this column in the table “R/W?” Each number represents where I valued each player versus where they performed during that week. For example if we look at Andrew Luck, I had projected in week one that he would be the third best QB in week two. It turns out he finished as the best QB which gives him a score of two. The lower the number the more accurate my prediction was from the previous week. I’m going to give myself a margin of error of five so anyone within that range I will claim as correct for me. Anyone outside that range is an incorrect prediction on my part. Under each subheading in addition to players left, I will point out where I was wrong. I’ve organized each section by my performance prediction for week three.


I was mistaken about:

  • Jay Cutler – outperformed
  • Aaron Rodgers – outperformed
  • Philip Rivers – outperformed
  • Drew Brees – underperformed
  • Andy Dalton – underperformed
  • Tom Brady – underperformed
  • Ben Roethlisberger – underperformed
  • Carson Palmer – underperformed

Players missing from last week:

  • Jake Locker
  • Tony Romo
  • Derek Anderson
1Andrew Luck45.622.818.925.5HF+2
3Peyton Manning442221.624.5RED-2
4Jay Cutler43.521.825.521.9DIRT+7
6Aaron Rodgers38.219.128.617.6.Y.+11
2Matthew Stafford44.522.214.418.6HF+3
7Philip Rivers37.618.825.117.4HELL+7
8Russell Wilson36.418.217.917.30.20-1
13Drew Brees31.315.615.823.4RO-7
10Nick Foles32.316.217.416VAG+2
5Matt Ryan41.520.71018.5XOXO-1
9Andy Dalton3316.514.712.2RED-7
28Tom Brady20.210.11017.6DANI-19
23Ben Roethlisberger24.1126.711.9DIRT-15
26Carson Palmer21.110.500WA-16

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