Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller is back in a big way. Mad Max has once again grabbed hold and violently shaken the American movie-goer. This is an action-packed thriller that’s light on dialogue and heavy on homicide. Similar to the previous iterations. Go see it in theaters; it’s meant for the big screen.

The trailer leaves little the imagination. Charlize Theron puts on an incredible display as Imperator Furiosa. She’s rough, stoic and determined. It’s incredible that she can command such a presence. She spends most of the film sitting in front of a steering wheel yelling at people. Which is reminiscent of my morning commute.

Tom Hardy was also fantastic as Max Rockatansky. I was already a fan of Theron; but I’m now a convert to team Hardy. I recently watched Bronson on Netflix.  This helped reinforce the breadth and range that Tom Hardy possesses. He was bad in “The Drop” but that’s one small role in an otherwise impressive career.

The world that George Miller creates in Mad Max: Fury Road is predictable. If you’re anything like me, you have vague recollections of a dirty looking Mel Gibson beating people up in the “Thunder Dome“. This is a long way from that dismal piece of trash and stands alone. It isn’t necessary to see the previous “Mad Maxes” before you see this one. The nihilistic and cult like environment that Miller creates is amazing. It was amazing, but more important, it was believable. Water scarcity is something that many deal with today.

The “war boy” Nux, was one of the coolest characters in the whole film. I loved his mantra, “I live, I die, I live again!” I also thought that the “witness” idea was brilliant. To be more concise and less loquacious I’m going to end the review here. It’s an epic ride meant for large screens.

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