Screaming Females

Greetings everyone, in parting from my normal chess postings I’d like to take this time to review a show I went to a few weeks ago at the Bug Jar here in Rochester, NY. The band I saw is called “Screaming Females” they are from New Jersey. I got to speak with some of the band members before the show as well and they seemed nice. Their show had a lot of energy and I was pleased to see a good turnout for a Tuesday night in Rochester. I managed to take a few photos and get some audio of them playing hopefully they don’t mind if I post this.

Without a doubt if they are in your town you should check them out; they put on a great live show. And they have cool shirts and artwork for sale, which all of you should buy assuming you do see them. If you don’t believe me, here’s what pitchfork had to say about their album ugly.


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