The Dads Reunion Show

[On rare occasions I will review a concert that I’ve attended. These happen fairly infrequently but hopefully it will generate some good exposure for some lesser known independent bands here around Rochester. If you are a musician and you noticed I attended one of your shows and didn’t create a review please don’t ask me to write one. I will observe some good advice so as to not “shit where I eat”. I don’t have any intention of writing poor reviews for local artists.]
The dads
The dads

Last night I had the pleasure of attending what could be the last dads show ever at Bug Jar in Rochester NY. Opening acts included The Gifted Children (more about them later) and Why the Wires. I rarely get out to shows much anymore, especially since the dads aren’t regularly playing these days. If I do manage to crawl out of my apartment it’s usually for a special occasion. I’ve followed the Dads since their inception and have seen plenty of their shows and heard plenty of their music. Last night was one of the better shows they put on; despite the fact they didn’t play any of my personal favorite covers (the Pizza song, Hey Sandy or Debbie Debbie). What they did play was a collection of the “old stuff” (including Haunted, Don’t know how to eat that)  with some stuff I can honestly say I don’t remember. Despite the humid conditions and storm advisories there were a good amount of people there considering it was a Wednesday night.

The show opened with a band I had not heard before “The Gifted Children”. I was told they sounded like Guided by Voices (GBV) and I was not disappointed. They have a very polished lo-fi sound which I enjoyed. This was in sharp contrast with both the Dads and Why the Wires who are far more aggressive and edgy. I enjoyed their original songs including the biographical? (albeit slightly depressing) “our hobby is a bust”. Which is an anthem for anyone who has ever worked hard on something only to not receive the expected recognition… or any recognition for that matter. Their songs are a pithy mixture of “self-deprecating refrains” and are over before you get tired of them (similar structure to many GBV songs). They flowed easily from song to song and to top it off they even played a cover of My Valuable Hunting Knife – which was a f*cking rad… I mean really how often do you hear people play guided by voices live? (and do it well). To boot the guys in the band seemed very nice and down to earth when I spoke with them after the show. Here is a link to their cover of My Valuable Hunting Knife.

Why The Wires were a unique mix of math rock and more aggressive styling. I did enjoy their set and they have very unique sound and stage presence (Including a guy who played both saxophone and accordion). I’m not sure how it’s possible to play Saxophone when it’s that goddamn muggy but more power to that guy, he lit it up. Here is some video from that night of them: Why the Wires – Live at Bug Jar.

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