The Drawing Game

I spent the weekend in the Poconos this past weekend (6/1-6/2). Had a fantastic time drinking, swimming, lighting fireworks and just generally doing nothing for a change.


While there a friend introduced me to “The Drawing Game”. The drawing game is good fun for the whole family; if you’re from a family full of drunk versions of Bob Ross.

Here’s how it works:

A group of people sit around in a circle. Blank pieces of paper are distributed to the members of the circle; there should be one blank page for each member of the circle. In our situation we had 6 people in the circle and so 6 pieces of paper were distributed. You then number each page 1-n (n being the number of people in the circle). On the first page you write a quote. It could be anything but just keep in mind that people are going to have to draw your quote. A gem from our game was, “A cactus with a dick with a cactus for a dick”. (just think about the implications!!) Once you’ve created a quote you pass your stack of papers to the person next to you. The person next to you is responsible for drawing your quote. Once they have drawn your quote, they take the quote and put it at the bottom of the stack and leave their drawing on top. The next person is responsible for trying to figure out what the quote was from the drawing. It continues like this until you’ve received your packet back. You then go around in a circle and display the masterpieces that have been created and have a laugh at what the final drawing was vs the first quote. It’s similar to children’s game telephone; only with drawing.

And remember everyone:

We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

These are some samples from our game:


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  1. Lynn
    June 4, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    I guess I should make sure the cabin is well-stocked with scrap paper, lol! Sounds like you had fun!

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