Weekly Review: 10/28/14 – 11/11/14

I’ve got some other posts in the works but in the meantime here are the headlines since the last time I did this (10/27/14):

10/28/14 – Pope Says God Not ‘A Magician, With A Magic Wand’ 

10/29/14 – Suge Knight, Katt Williams charged with robbery

10/30/14 – Authorities will seek the death penalty for accused cop killer Eric Frein, captured after 48-day manhunt

11/1/14 – Boko Haram Says Kidnapped Girls Are Now ‘Married’

11/2/14 – Scores Killed In Apparent Suicide Attack At India-Pakistan Border

11/4/14 – 3 Years After Wreck, Remains Of Final Costa Concordia Victim Are Found

11/6/14 – Navy SEAL who shot al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden dead revealed, nearly broke

11/9/14 – Two Americans Held In North Korea Are Back On U.S. Soil

11/10/14 – The White House Is Backing Strong Open Internet Rules

11/11/14 – Mormon Church Admits Founder Joseph Smith Had Up To 40 Wives

The images this time around:

Additionally I found these series of Halloween themed comics that I found amusing. I hope to have the ‘Cuse update sometime soon, I also would like to have the second installment of my US Championships post up by the end of the year. Finally I was internet famous today:

twitterquestionI will write about his answer in another post I’m working on about motivation.

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