Weekly Review: 10/7/14 – 10/27/14

As a bit of a respite from the fantasy and chess posts I know you all love I’ve decided to do another one of these. I didn’t stay on top of the headlines as much as I wanted to but here they are since we last spoke (10/6/14):

10/6/14 – Hewlett-Packard Will Split Into Two Companies

10/7/14 – Justices Skeptical Of Beard Rule In Inmate Religious Rights Case

10/9/14 – Mayweather Sr.: It’s gonna happen

10/13/14 – Seattle Swaps Columbus Day For ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

10/19/14 – A Pumpkin Festival Turns To Mayhem In Keene, N.H.

10/20/14 – Indiana Officials Say Man Has Led Them To Multiple Bodies

10/21/14 – American Freed After Months Of Detention In North Korea

10/22/14 – Soldier Killed, Suspect Dead In Shooting Near Canadian Parliament

10/25/14 – Ebola Toll Continues Its Climb, With 10,000-Plus Sickened

And as usual here are the images:

I also found this amusing little term redefinition on reddit. Additionally there was this great wiener commercial that is apparently to large for me to upload on here. With any luck I’ll have my Arkport recap and my Syracuse recap up within the next two weeks.

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