Weekly Review: 11/12/14 – 12/4/14

I’ve been hella busy lately with studying for the GRE so I haven’t had time to post anything or do anything fun. With that being said I’ve kept up (somewhat) with the latest headlines.

11/16/14 – Clearing Of MH17 Debris Begins In Eastern Ukraine

11/18/14 – As snow ends, roof collapses, floods are concerns

11/24/14 – Ferguson police officer won’t be charged in fatal shooting

11/25/14 – Obama: ‘No Sympathy’ For Those Destroying Ferguson

11/30/14 – Ohio State player dead of self-inflicted gunshot

12/1/14 – Bill Cosby Steps Down from Board of Trustees at Temple University

12/2/14 – House OKs Measure Stopping Social Security Payments To Former Nazis

12/3/14 – Attorney General Holder Announces U.S. Inquiry Into Garner Case

Here are the Thanksgiving themed images:

I’ve started another side project I’m somewhat excited about. I will be going on a two week vacation so this may be one of the lasts posts I create before I take a two week hiatus. Fantasy people, stay posted I’ll be writing more tomorrow about the last two weeks. Apologies for the delay.

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