Weekly Review 12/6/14 – 2/16/15

OK ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok, I get it. It’s been a while and although I’m somewhat unapologetic about my lack of updates, it has been on my mind. I noticed that all two of my readers voted that they would like to see this column continue and as not to alienate the two people that voted I will hold up my end of the bargain. I’m hoping that this post will put me back on track. As you may notice by the list below I’ve done an abysmal job of collecting the headlines. To be fair I was somewhat busy… but not that busy where I couldn’t take 5 minutes and find a daily headline. With that being said here are some headlines I collected since I last did this, 12/4/14:

12/6/14 – ‘Rolling Stone’ Says Trust In Gang-Rape Accuser Was ‘Misplaced’

12/7/14 – Alabama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State are in playoff

12/9/14 – Swedish Police Raid The Pirate Bay, Site Offline

12/10/14 – Sexual predator wins $3 million from Florida lottery

12/31/14 – Doug Marrone decides to opt out of contract with Bills

2/3/15 – Arrest Warrant For Argentine President Found In Dead Prosecutor’s Home

2/16/15 – Retaliating For Killings, Egypt Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS In Libya

I’ve kept up on the images a bit better but I’m sure I’ve missed a lot:

So that’s it really, I’m doing another movie review tomorrow so look out for that. Next month there will be another GM Spotlight. The Marchand is coming up so everyone stay tuned for another preview of that. Rumor has it that GM Lenderman may be making another trip to Rochester…

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