Weekly Review – 4/22/15 – 5/20/15

And we’re back, in lieu of doing a real post we have another weekly review. I am working on some other posts so hopefully in the meantime this will hold y’all over. This time around I did a better job of keeping track of the headlines:

4/26/15 – Nepal quake kills more than 1,800 and spreads terror on Everest

4/27/15 – Baltimore riots: Looting, fires engulf city after Freddie Gray’s funeral

4/28/15 – Grieving Husband in Landmark Gay Marriage Case Carried Beloved’s Ashes with Him for Supreme Court Arguments

5/3/15 – Floyd Mayweather Jr. Defeats Manny Pacquiao in Boxing’s Big Matchup

5/4/15 – Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces She’s Running For President

5/6/15 – Manny Pacquiao sued after shoulder injury dishonesty claims

5/19/15 – Faulty Takata air bags trigger largest auto recall in US history

Here are the images I’ve compiled since the last time we met:

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