Weekly Review – 5/21/15 – 7/3/15

Welcome back everyone, recently I’ve done a better job of collecting the headlines than in previous posts. Without further ado here’s what I got:

5/26/15 – Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill That Repealed Death Penalty

6/3/15 – FIFA Updates: Interpol Targets Officials, And South Africa Denies Bribing

6/16/15 – ‘I Identify As Black,’ Rachel Dolezal Says In TV Interview

6/25/15 – Clint Dempsey given minimum 2-year suspension from US Open Cup 

6/28/15 – Paxton: State workers can deny licenses to same-sex couples

6/29/15 – Supreme Court Says Use Of Lethal Injection Drug Is Legal

7/1/15 – Robot Kills Man at Volkswagen Plant

7/2/15 – Tsipras ready to accept most bailout terms

So in addition the usual images I found there was this collection that caught my eye. “Usual” images below:

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