Weekly Review: 6/20/14 – 7/3/14

Hello everyone, I’m working on a lot of different posts and projects now that have consumed a lot of my time. That said I present to you a miniature post that I hope you people enjoy. I will do these periodically when I feel I haven’t written enough. I hope they will be a bit of a respite from the usual dry material. In these posts, I will include anything cool or funny that I found whilst perusing the interwebs.

Additionally, I have started a new project that I will be incorporating into these posts. I am compiling one headline per day that I believe was the most important headline for that particular day. Some days (yesterday 7/3) are somewhat slow news days so I have to choose my headlines carefully. I started this project a few days ago so there aren’t many headlines. Below is what I’ve compiled so far:

6/30/14 – Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Hobby Lobby in Contraception Case

7/1/14 – US Knocked out of World Cup by Belgium

7/2/14 – Suspected Israeli revenge killing of Palestinian triggers clashes

As promised here are some images that I found amusing/interesting since 6/20/14:

Finally, I want to get more into soccer. If any of you have any suggestions for which premier league team I should root for I will be taking them now. I was thinking that Leicester City, Sunderland, Crystal Palace or Queens Park would be a good starting point for me. I actually have a Leicester City kit already so that will probably be the best bet.


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