Weekly Review: 7/18/14 – 7/31/14

Greetings friends! It’s been a big week this week; the last time we met this blog looked completely different. I hope that you all like the new “face-lift” (if not leave a comment below).

As some of you may have noticed, I am doing another weekly review. I am still working on compiling information for some other posts but in the meantime, this will have to suffice. I should mention that in the time we last spoke I found a great site that does the nutrition information for custom created recipes. I have created three nutrition labels for some of my favorite recipes from my latest cookbook.

You’ll notice that they are terrible for you; which shouldn’t come as any real surprise. Here are the headlines since we last spoke:

7/17/14 – Jetliner Explodes Over Ukraine; Struck by Missile, Officials Say
7/20/14 – At Least 13 Israeli Soldiers, 87 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Strip Sunday
7/21/14 – Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Friend Convicted For Impeding Bombing Inquiry
7/22/14 – U.S. Appeals Courts Issue Conflicting Decisions On Obamacare Subsidies
7/23/14 – Ukraine Says 2 Military Jets Shot Down Over Rebel-Held Area
7/25/14 – Kerry: Gaza Truce Still In Play
7/26/14 – North Korea Reportedly Tests Short-Range Ballistic Missile
7/27/14 – Vincenzo Nibali First Italian In 15 Years To Win Tour De France
7/28/14 – 2 Americans Catch Ebola In Liberia, As Nigeria Reports First Case
7/29/14 – NCAA Reaches $75 Million Settlement In Head-Injury Lawsuit

As always, I’ve attached some photos that I found humorous that I thought you people would also enjoy.

Finally, I want to congratulate my EPL team (Crystal Palace) on a successful American tour. We’re doing well in the friendlies and are now 3-0-1. Our next match is against Brentford on August 2, and then we play FC Augsburg on August 9th. I’m still analyzing eight games from the 1938 US Championship, three games of my own, and a new super-secret project.

PS: On July 29 at 3.56pm I was nominated by a third party as “Today’s Feminist Zionist Hero”. Hagshamaaaaaaaa! Rosh Gadolllllllll!


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