Weekly Review: 7/4/14 – 7/17/14

Welp, once again I find that I have fallen behind on updating this hastily put together blog. So once again, I am reduced to sharing amusing images I found online and headlines that occurred since the last post. There are more interesting posts to come I promise! In the meantime, here are some headlines since the last post:

7/7/14 – More Than 50 People Were Shot In Chicago Over The Holiday Weekend

7/8/14 – Brazil vs. Germany: Final score 1-7, Die Mannschaft humiliate hosts to reach final

7/9/14 – As Deadline Nears, Snowden Seeks To Extend His Stay In Russia

7/10/14 – Philadelphia Judge Denies Former Nazi Guard Bail

7/11/14 – Cleveland cheers the return of LeBron James

7/13/14 – Giving a Little Extra, Germany Wins the Title

7/14/14 – Tech Giants Make Net Neutrality Case As Deadline Nears

7/15/14 – University Of Texas Can Continue Affirmative Action, Court Rules

7/16/14 – Syria’s Assad Sworn In For Third 7-Year Presidential Term

Here are some images that I enjoyed:

Finally, I believe that I have found my EPL team; I am now an ardent Crystal Palace fan. I just have to analyze 10 games from 1938, 4 games of mine from a previous tournament, and finish my cookbook. Then you will all have the legitimate post you’ve all been yearning for.

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