Weekly Review: 8/1/14 – 9/2/14

Instead of doing a “real” post, I’ve decided to do a weekly review. With any luck, you’ve all recovered from the hangover that is the fantasy football draft. For those of you that are curious I did quite well in the draft and plan on winning the league this year. I haven’t done one of these in a while so I figured it’d be nice to try to catch up a bit on the day’s events since we last spoke. I’ve created some more nutrition facts as well:

Due to my vacation and general laziness, I haven’t kept as great of a job of keeping up with the headlines as in posts past. Here are the ones I was able to keep track of since last time we spoke:

8/3/14 – Algae Toxins Prompt Toledo To Ban Its Drinking Water
8/4/14 – Iraqi Leader Orders Air Support For Kurds Battling Extremists
8/5/14 – U.S. General Killed in Afghanistan Was On First Combat Deployment
8/8/14 – James Brady’s Death Is Ruled A Homicide
8/11/14 – ‘Most Beloved Artist,’ Comedy Icon Robin Williams Found Dead at Bay Area Home
8/19/14 – Gov. Perry Gets Booked At Texas Courthouse After Indictment
8/24/14 – Chicago To Face South Korea For Little League World Series Title
8/25/14 – Ukraine Says Russian Military Vehicles Have Crossed Border
8/26/14 – Burger King To Buy Canada’s Tim Hortons For $11 Billion
8/27/14 – Boston suspect’s sister charged in NY bomb threat

Below are the images that I found amusing since last time:

In addition to those, there is this one about the A&W Family that I found on Reddit. This is the point of the weekly reviews when I discuss my EPL team Crystal Palace. We are currently 0-1-2, which leaves us tied for the last with Burnley FC. With any luck, we’ll be able to turn it around but I fear that I may have to get new EPL by next year (because of the relegation).

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