Weekly Review: 9/3/14 – 10/6/14

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, as you may have noticed I’ve been busy with fantasy, chess and studying for the GRE. I’ve done something a bit new this week, be sure to hover over the links to see what fun perspective I’ve added to the headlines:

9/3 – Drugstore Chain CVS Kicks Tobacco Habit A Month Early 

9/4 – At NATO Summit, Allies Consider Lethal, Nonlethal Aid To Ukraine

9/7 – Antonio Brown Introduces The Front Heel Kick To The NFL

9/8 – NFL’s Baltimore Ravens Cut Ray Rice After New Video Surfaces

9/9 – Restaurant’s Attempt to Call Out LeSean McCoy for Bad Tip Backfires

9/10 – Britain’s Cameron Pleads With Scots To Stay In U.K.

9/11 – Judge In Pistorius Trial Rules Out Murder

9/14 – North Korea Sentences American To Six Years Of Hard Labor

9/15 – Cameron And The Queen Speak Out On Scotland’s Independence Vote

9/16 – 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard Charge with 300,000 counts of Accessory to Murder

9/18 – Larry Ellison Steps Down As Oracle’s CEO

9/22 – Prosecutor Says White House Intruder Had 800 Rounds of Ammunition In Car

9/24 – Grand Jury Won’t Indict NASCAR’s Stewart in Driver’s Death

9/29 – Spanish Court Blocks Catalonia’s Independence Vote

9/30 – First U.S. Case of Ebola Confirmed In Dallas

10/1 – Michael Dunn Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder In Killing of Jordan Davis

10/3 – In New Video, Islamic State Beheads British Citizen

10/5 – Imprisoned Former Death-Row Inmate Addresses Grads

As always here are the images I’ve found:

In addition to those, I also found a really awesome random comic generator that’s works remarkably well. Also someone on the internwebs found a copy of “How to Put up 2 Girls and further studies in Advanced Pick-Upmanship” which is worth checking out if you need a laugh.

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