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Fantasy Football Week 10 Recap

But what happened to Week 9’s recap? I was basically behind a week somehow so I’ve decided to catch myself up. We’ve got a lot to talk about this week; there was a big trade that went through that most of you disagreed with. Thankfully I’m here to educate you knuckleheads and I am a patient and merciful blogger. Before… Read more →

Fantasy Football Week Seven Recap

After yet another week we are finally beginning to see some separation between the teams. This week was unique for a couple of reasons: TWO teams scored 100% of their maximum points. Kudos to “XOXO” and “CHAR” for earning all the possible points. I finally managed to win a game. This week was the highest actual/maximum, I believe we’re approaching… Read more →

Fantasy Football Week One Recap

Hello everyone, as promised here are the life zugzwang player rankings for week one and match-up statistics for week two. As is the case this early in the season, there really aren’t enough statistics to make real accurate predictions on players. The initial table order is how I predict they will perform in week two. I’ve left off some players… Read more →