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Quick Blitz Analysis – 6/17/20

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today I have a fun attacking game to share with you. I like this game because it’s a good example of when to sacrifice material for a winning advantage. It also demonstrates the idea that an attack can come from anywhere at anytime. In chess you must stay vigilant! In addition to this, another loser/cheater… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 6/3/20

This week, I’d like to talk about something that happens when you play any game online: Bad Manners (BM). I notice it happens more often online than it does in real life. The game I have today is a great example of this. During the game, at a particularly difficult moment for me, my opponent had the nerve to say… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 5/20/20

This week I have an interesting positional exchange sacrifice to share with you guys. Sometimes you make sacrifices and the compensation is not immediately obvious. It’s entirely possible that the sacrifice I made during this game is not objectively correct, but it led to a position where my Bishop became more valuable than his rook. Let’s have a look:  … Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 5/2/20

This week I have a fun little game to share, as well as a new segment I’m calling “The Wall of Shame”. This new segment is in response to the the rampant cheating that occurs in online chess, specifically on I’ve decided as a way of shaming these idiots, that I would post their names with some minimal commentary… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 3/29/20

I recently got up to a record high rating for me on, 2214. Of course yesterday I spent like 4 hours playing and had a precipitous 100 point fall. Such is chess I suppose. My play yesterday didn’t feel that bad, it felt various things just weren’t going right in each individual game. In some games I wasn’t managing… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 3/7/20

I don’t have a long game to show you this week, I wanted to share a fun little opening trap that catches players off guard. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve caught someone with this trap and it’s not something that they usually expect. What I like about this trap is how natural looking the moves are.… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 2/7/20

Sometimes in online chess, you get trapped into playing mini-matches against a player. Either they’ll offer you a rematch or you’ll offer them one. A few nights ago I had such a mini match against a player on I went like 1-3, and as soon as I won he declined my rematch. In this game I completely dominated him… Read more →

Quick Blitz Analysis – 1/29/20

Hello everyone, as part of my attempting to improve my chess and eventually get back into the tournament scene I’ve decided to attempt to analyze one game a week. I realize that most blitz games don’t have a lot of value as neither player are necessarily looking for the “best moves”. That said, I’ve attempted to find a solid game… Read more →