Quick Blitz Analysis – 5/20/20

This week I have an interesting positional exchange sacrifice to share with you guys. Sometimes you make sacrifices and the compensation is not immediately obvious. It’s entirely possible that the sacrifice I made during this game is not objectively correct, but it led to a position where my Bishop became more valuable than his rook. Let’s have a look:


The wall of shame gains another member! 

The Wall of Shame: 

As I mentioned earlier, this is where I’m going to post the usernames of the idiots who decided to cheat against me on chess.com. Here are their names (and ratings in parentheses) : 

  1. Ad_Hoc_Havoc (1588)
  2. yashpabari (1978)
  3. gouda_cheese_slices (2155) – The latest addition to the list. It’s fairly obvious he cheated during our game and managed to play at 96.1% accuracy. His win was smooth from start to finish and his cheating was not subtle. 


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