Here are some friends of mine that I wish to promote. These are sites that I use frequently or just people who I’ve encountered who are also trying to avoid life Zugzwang. If you’d like a link (or would like me to remove your link) just drop a me a comment, tweet or carrier pigeon.

  • – a great site that allows you to create your own database (and keep it private) that you can access from anywhere. Additionally I use their opening explorer frequently.
  • Aled Lewis – In case you guys were curious about the yeti banner image. Buy stuff from him, he’s got cool shit!
  • – I use this mainly for the kibitzing and historical research purposes but they too have a nice opening explorer and a good community of people.
  • The Chess Room – A Canadian site run by a friend of mine offering beautifully crafted chess sets.
  • Cool Chess Canada – A sister site to The Chess Room.
  • Cool Chess USA – My friends up north have created a US version of their cool chess Canada site. Buy their stuff, support good people :).
  • Dr. Ken Regan – A site run by Dr. Ken Regan who specializes in detection of chess cheating.
  • Official Staunton – A British site that sells fantastic chess equipment and ships internationally.
  • Rochester Chess Center – Where I spend most of my weekends when I’m not traveling. They offer books, boards among other novelty items.
  • TWIC – Mark is the man, he compiles games from all around the world EVERY week. EVERY WEEK!
  • – a fledgling competitor to ICC and I’m not sure how well it’s doing but everyone on there seem really nice. Less egotistical than ICC for sure… but the strength isn’t there yet.



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