Endorsement Time: Official Staunton

I want to give a shout out to Official Staunton (not to be confused with House of Staunton). They have a fantastic website and frequently update their social media. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll note that a last month, I won an online giveaway. I’m generally somewhat cynical about giving strangers on the internet my address; I thought it was a trick. As promised, they sent me the set. They also sent over a beautiful wooden box (I fucking LOVE wooden boxes), and a travel set! They had to ship all this stuff internationally to get to me. Official Staunton has their HQ in England. A Googled their address because frankly, I had no idea where Shropshire was. It’s in the middle for those curious. If you live in England, 24 of you last month, and don’t know where to get chess supplies; buy from them. If you live in the US, and don’t know where to buy your chess equipment; I’d recommend them. They ship quickly and they have high quality equipment. Just to give you a bit of a back story here:

As a bit of an aside about myself: I don’t purchase “nice” sets. To me they’e impractical. I would worry too much about playing with them for fear of damaging them. This particular set is somewhat impractical for two adults to play on. I’ve found that it makes for a fantastic study set. I use it frequently and just having it set up in my house makes me look more sophisticated. If you’re looking for a nice personal wooden set look no further. If it matters to you; the pieces are sized correctly; the king is the largest piece and the rooks are the second smallest. If you’re a crazy person like I am, you notice these fine details. They also have a bunch of other sets that look great. They’re pictures are professional but accurate (my shitty iPhone photo doesn’t do the set justice).

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