Opening Survey: The Nikolayev Gambit

Hello everyone, today I am very pleased to present to you the first ever opening survey on this site. Many other publications have done a fantastic job of bringing to you the main lines and ideas that present themselves in modern opening practice. Today we will be examining what has become known as the “Nikolayev Gambit” named (aptly so) after FM Igor Nikolayev. He has done a great deal of work regarding this gambit and has taken some painstaking measures to provide detailed analysis of his gambit.

Frankly I don’t recall the first time I was made aware of his gambit, but his ideas seemed quite reasonable to me and I myself have played it in practice in correspondence chess (which is the ultimate proving ground for opening theory). He has gone to the trouble of providing an introduction so without further ado I present to you, The Nikolayev Gambit! Notes by FM Igor Nikolayev (my comments/notes will be in italics).

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