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GM Lothar Schmid (10 May 1928 – 18 May 2013)

GM Lothar Schmid
GM Lothar Schmid

Lothar Schmid was a GM who is best remembered as the arbiter for the famous Fischer-Spassky matche (‘s). Schmid was a bibliophile who owned one of the largest private collection of chess books (including the work by Luis Lucena, entitled Discourse on Love and the Art of Chess with 150 Endings (English translation), which appeared in 1497.) Hadn’t it been for Schmid’s negotiations, the match of the century might not have taken place. He represented Germany in 11 Olympiads earning two individual silver medals. Here are some interesting games of his as well as his obituary in the NY Times.

The game below should be called, “The Knight Truf”.

Here is his game against fellow German GM Klaus Darga from an obituary published in chess base:

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