Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 4

2. IM Steel 2399 – GM Kamsky 2706 1-0

It’s always disappointing to see someone you like on one of these lists; there’s a certain schadenfreude that occurs when someone you don’t like loses. Ever since his trip to Rochester there’s been a soft spot in my cold dead heart for Mr. Kamsky and I hope he’s able to turn it around.

Unfortunately though for Kamsky he lost to someone with a name that was made for puns.

1. Soriano 1802 – IM Montalvo 2296 –  0-1

Here it is the upset of the round; an 1800 player takes down a master. Kudos to Mr. Soriano you’ve earned it!

So that wraps up this round; looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow same time same place different upsets!


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