Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 5

2. Ortiz (2214) – GM Parligras (2574) 1-0

For most of the game black pretty much outplays his lower rated opponent; then somehow the tables turn and Black missteps allowing white a much better game. Honestly it isn’t entirely clear what is going on in this one.

1. Wong (1565) – Frick (2057) 1-0

So here is the number one upset of the round; things were pretty much in black’s hands until move 50; when he made a really unfortunate king move to g5. I think this sort of blunder comes from an underestimation of your opponents position and a failure to acknowledge the danger that he was in. Black probably thought, “Hey, I’m up a piece, this should be simple.” Alas, it was not simple.

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