Zugzwang: [ˈtsuːktsvaŋ]

1. German for "Compulsion to move".
2. When your couch gets stuck in a stairwell and you can't move it out.
3. A player is said to be in "zugzwang" when any possible move will worsen their position.


Quebec Vacation – A Photo Essay

Some of you may have noticed (via social media) that I was on vacation this past week. My lady-friend and I went to Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa. Quebec for me was by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. We had a fantastic time despite some inclement weather. We used Airbnb to book the vast majority of our… Read more →

Semetey Tologontegin (Kyrgyzstan)

Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 6

Hello everyone, this is probably going to be my last update on the Olympiad. I’ve had a lot of fun bringing you the upsets and the latest news regarding the Olympiad. It’s been quite challenging and quite entertaining, but alas vacation is calling and I need to answer. As far as the chess for this round goes I want to… Read more →


Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 5

Hello everyone, the picture of the girl that you all see is Luzia Pires (courtesy of David Llada), the legend from the third round who beat a WIM in 8 moves. I would like to offer an apology, I made an omission yesterday that I would like to clear up today. In what could possibly be the shortest victory in… Read more →

I don't know who this is, but I like him a lot.

Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Olympiad Recap here at LifeZugzwang. I realized yesterday that I will not be able to cover the last few rounds of the Olympiad due to a scheduled and much needed vacation to French Canada. Unlike yesterday I didn’t see any games that I thought were worthy of mentioning outside of the upsets that… Read more →