2014 In Memoriam

Dragoljub Čirić (12 November 1935 – 17 August 2014)

GM Dragoljub Čirić
GM Dragoljub Čirić

Dragoljub Čirić was a Serbian (former Yugoslavian) GM. Frankly I hadn’t heard of him before starting the research for this post. His best results were in Sarajevo 1966 where he was equal first with Mikhail Tal, and Sarajevo 1968 where he was equal first with Anatoly Lein. There was a brief obituary on chessdom. The game below was a wild affair from 1991. An interesting tactics puzzle starts on move 36.

The next game I found particularly pleasant because of the opening choice by Ciric; 7. … Na6!? Quite an interesting move.

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