10 Games from 2014

If you’ve been a diligent reader, you may remember the post from last year, “10 Games from 2013“. To maintain some consistency across this blog; I will attempt to re-create the same post this year. I also wanted to add a new section to this post that I am calling, “The Player of the Year”. I choose this player by using a couple of factors. I look at their tournament results, and the number of comments that their games have.  I will apply a retroactive player of the year award to Magnus Carlsen for 2013.

In the Sinquefield Cup his performance rating was: 3103
In the Sinquefield Cup his performance rating was: 3103

The player of the year is, Fabiano Caruana. Fabiano had a fantastic year and his performance in the Sinquefield Cup was legendary. Although he isn’t the world champion, soon enough he will be knocking at the door. I predict that he will be the contender in either this cycle or next year’s cycle.

This year I decided that I’m not going to display my methodologies. I just don’t think it’s relevant for the reader to see such minutia. Additionally it’s time consuming and unattractive to look at. If you believe, otherwise please feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

I did my best to compile games that I felt were interesting (think !? not !!). It is by no means a comprehensive list for 2014. These aren’t the “best” games, or the most accurate games of the year. I also tried to choose a variety of games by a wide swath of players. Absent from the list this year were, Svidler, Aronian, Morozevich and Ivanchuk. When possible I’ve tried to include annotations of the games by GM’s and IM’s. With all that in mind, please enjoy ten games from 2014!


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