10 Games from 2014

3. Carlsen – Anand (World Championship Match Game 2) 1-0

I couldn’t claim to have a complete list without at least one game from the World Championship. This game was a throwback to the first match. As Carlsen completely dominated Anand in the way, we all expected him to. This is classic Carlsen. How could we have predicted that Anand would bounce back and that the match would be so close? Notes once again by GM Alejandro Ramirez from chessbase:

4. Topalov – Kramnik (World Chess Championship Candidates) 1-0

I have a soft spot for rivalries and there is no greater rivalry in modern chess than between these two elite players. Bad blood doesn’t begin to describe their relationship. Chessgames has named this game “Breaking Vlad” which I thought was amusing. Annotations by GM Cristian Chirila for chessbase:

Runner Up:

Kramnik – Mamedyarov (World Chess Championship Candidates; D38) 1-0 – The swindle of the year.

The Rest:

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