2014 In Memoriam

The next two players on this list are somewhat unusual additions. Both players met their end at the world’s largest team tournament, the chess Olympiad. There was an interesting article written on chessbase regarding the events at the Olympiad.

CM Kurt Meier (9 June 1947 – 14 August 2014)

CM Kurt Meier
CM Kurt Meier

The first player I wanted to mention was Kurt Meier. Meier had a heart attack in the middle of a game against a player from Rwanda. As a sign of goodwill, the player playing black resigned the game. CM Meier’s final game is below:

Alisher Anarkulov (23 September 1968 – 14 August 2014)

Alisher Anarkulov
Alisher Anarkulov

Alisher Anarkulov died under mysterious circumstances in his room after the Olympiad had ended. I couldn’t find any further information regarding his passing. He played for the ICCD, which is the International Chess Committee of the Deaf. Below is his win over Jordanian FM Mohannad:



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