10 Games from 2013

2. Kramnik – Andreikin (World Cup Game 1) 1-0

Kramnik had a fantastic 2013 (or awful depending on your perspective). He was edged out on tiebreaks by Carlsen in the Candidates tournament and won the World Cup knockout event outright. His games during the world cup were remarkable, he was stoic and solid throughout the tournament and honestly it looked as though he was a man amongst boys. For those 7 rounds this man won games every way possible. His final round came against Andreikin who himself had been having a remarkable tournament. This game is a testament to Kramnik’s technique as we see him using his two rooks to dominate the queen.

Runner Up:

Aronian – Kramnik (Candidates Tournament; D42) 0-1 – Kramnik displaying fine technique to defeat one of the early favorites.

The Rest:

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