10 Games from 2013

7. Hao – Giri (FIDE Grand Prix Beijing) 1-0

Wang Hao is part of the wave of super strong young Chinese players that is currently overtaking the top 100. This game in particular shows his attacking prowess and his ability to finish games cleanly. He opens the position on move 7 with Bxf7+ and from then on Giri is fighting a strong initiative. Apparently both players had seen this sacrificial possibility before the game but Giri said that after c5 and Qb6 he was out of “book”. 13. … d5 was a bit inaccurate (both players preferred Rg8) and black should have preferred 15. … Qe6 instead of Ke8.

Runner Up:

Adams – Yunguo (World Cup; C07) 1-0 – Adams gives us yet another reason to not play the french.

The Rest:

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