10 Games from 2013

4. Aronian – Anand (Tata Steel 2013) 0-1

Unlike the first three guys on my list Anand did not have such a great year. He has not been fairing so well in tournament practice and as we all know he lost his crown to Magnus Carlsen. He did manage to play a few really nice games, and did win the GRENKE chess classic tournament. This game in particular is a shining example of just how dangerous an opponent Anand can be.

5. Morozevich – Caruana (FIDE Grand Prix Thessaloniki) 0-1

In this game Caruana plays absolutely beautifully in order to score the full point. Playing against one of the strongest attacking players in the top 100. In this game I believe that Morozevich tried to hard to punish Caruana and unjustifiably gives up an exchange. Caruana then plays stoically and wraps everything up with some nice tactical shots. After it’s all said and done Caruana emerges with a queen to Morozevich’s two knights.

Runner Up:

Topalov – Leko (FIDE Grand Prix Zug; D38) 1-0 – a wonderful attacking game by Topalov rounded out by nice endgame play.

The Rest:

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