Tromso Olympiad Recap: Rd. 3

As usual I have compiled the upsets of the round, many of these upsets occurred on much lower boards which should give us the chance to see some new players in the mix. I compiled ~60 upsets and whittled the list down to ten.

10. IM Astaneh Lopez (2419) – Ahmed (2154) 0-1

In this game white had a reasonable advantage after the first 15 moves or so. As is usually the case when someone lower rated beats someone stronger, Astaneh Lopez pushed a bit too hard and blundered his way into a losing position that Ahmed was able to convert.

9. Ahmed (1899) – FM Rayner (2177) 1-0

Everything’s turning up Ahmed this round! A second upset by a different player with the same last name. In this game black wasn’t really ever better and White had the result of the game firmly in his hands after move 15. His technique was pretty solid and he won a nice game.

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