The US Championships Part 1: 1936

8. Adams – Bernstein 1-0

Another Adams game, this time he managed to dismantle Bernstein in the Sicilian Nimzowitsch. Black quickly got a bad position after 4. … Nc7. White let the advantage slip away with 10. Bb5? This allowed black to equalize. A few moves later Adams makes a deep exchange sacrifice with 16. Rxd5! that allows him to put Black on the defensive. After Black played a few passive moves things became incredibly difficult, Adams managed to find the best moves and ended the game efficiently.

7. Kashdan – Reshevsky 0-1

In this game, we see Sammy Reshevsky play somewhat uncharacteristically in the opening. After move 10, I believe that white has a good advantage. Eventually Kashdan underestimates his opponent’s threats and plays too slowly, which enables Reshevsky to get compensation for the exchange he lost earlier. After castling on move 19, the game ends dramatically when Reshevsky catches Kashdan with a “cheap-o”.

6. Treysman – Adams 1-0

An interesting struggle where black employed the Albin Countergambit. White was slightly better out of the opening however on move ten he overlooked a really nice shot 10.Ng5!! This gives white a moderate advantage according to the engines. After 14. Ng5! I believe that white has a steady advantage that aside from a few missteps he executes quite cleanly. During my initial analysis the move 17. b4!? really impressed me, I believed his idea was really nice, unfortunately it allows black to simply gain a pawn and white doesn’t have enough compensation. Black missed a few good chances with 19. … Qxc4!, 22. … Nxc4! and 26. … Nxg6! which would have caused white some grief.

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