The US Championships Part 1: 1936

5. Kashdan – Kupchik 1-0

In this game Kashdan demonstrates good technique in the Rook and Queen ending and manages to allow Kupchik almost no chances to get back in the game. Both sides played evenly until Kupchik made a blunder with 22. … Rac8 that allowed White to snatch a pawn. The final mistake that sealed Black’s fate was the move 35. … Rf6 that enabled White to go into a superior Queen and pawn ending that Kashdan handled gracefully.

4. Adams – Factor 0-1

I found this game interesting because of the line that White chose to employ in the Winawer beginning with 4.Bd3!?. Personally, I don’t believe that after 6.Bg5 white can make any claim of an advantage but the game is quite playable and appears to be quite solid. The game was pretty even until white blundered with the natural 20.Re7?. Black returned the favor with 25. … Bd3 and 28. … Rd4 that allowed white back into the game. White made the final mistake that quickly led to a mating attack for black.

3. Adams – Morton 1-0

This game is a wild attacking game in the Alekhine’s defense. Black employed a line that doesn’t get much attention these days and it’s not difficult to see why. White chooses the standard d5 break plan and almost immediately black blunders and White is on top. Adams technique was quite good and he finished the game in good style.

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