The US Championships Part 1: 1936

The Games:

I sorted through all 116 games (four games are missing) there will be prizes for anyone who can find the “lost games”. Of those games, I narrowed it down to around 37 games that on first glance I thought were interesting. I then narrowed this of 37 games was down to 10, which I have analyzed and annotated for you the viewing audience.

These 10 games were games that I found interesting and games that were accurate. I didn’t want to annotate/analyze blunder-fests because for me it doesn’t help me learn. For some reason I found the games of Weaver Adams quite intriguing and instructive. His openings were somewhat peculiar but win or lose his games showed great fighting spirit. I organized the games based on my score when I was analyzing them at home using the “Solitaire chess” method. The lower the number the worse I did at predicting the best moves. Please let me know if you disagree with any part of my analysis, I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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